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The Winbet is a simple bet. You bet on the outcome of a competition and if the outcome is correct, you've won the bet.

1 - Home team wins the game
X - Draw
2 - Away team wins the game
Over / Under
Over / Under

In this popular market one bets, if a certain number of points is exceeded or undercut.

For example a soccer bet on Over 2.5 is won, when at least 3 goals are scored until the end of the regular game time. It does not matter which team scores the goals or which team wins in the end.

O - More than the given goals / points are scored.
U - Less than the given goals / points are scored.
Double Chance
Double Chance

With this market one can cover two results in one bet. For example one bets on 1 and X which results in a higher chance for a successful outcome of the bet. (Result after the end of the regular game time)

1X - Team 1 wins or draw.
X2 - Draw or team 2 wins.
12 - Team 1 wins or team 2 wins.

In a handicap bet, one bets on the outcome of the game just like in a winner-bet. The difference is, that in this market a team receives a head start of one or more points. At the end of the game, these will be added to the regular end result.

For example a 0:1 handicap in soccer means, that after the end of the game one goal will be added for the away team. If in reality a game ends in a 2:2 draw, the result for the evaluation would be 2:3 and a bet on the away team would be won.

1 - Team 1 wins or draw.
X - Draw incl. handicap.
2 - Team 2 wins incl. handicap.
06 December 2016
EHC Visp - EHC Winterthur
Rapperswil Jona Lakers - EHC Olten
GCK Lions - HC Martigny
HC Ajoie - Hockey Academy Zug
HC Biasca Ticino Rockets - HC Thurgau
HC La Chaux-de-fonds - SC Langenthal
09 December 2016
EHC Olten - GCK Lions
EHC Winterthur - HC Ajoie
HC Biasca Ticino Rockets - Rapperswil Jona Lakers
HC La Chaux-de-fonds - EHC Visp
SC Langenthal - HC Martigny
11 December 2016
GCK Lions - HC La Chaux-de-fonds
HC Thurgau - EHC Olten
HC Ajoie - SC Langenthal
Rapperswil Jona Lakers - Hockey Academy Zug
EHC Visp - HC Biasca Ticino Rockets
HC Martigny - EHC Winterthur
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