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150 Euro Top-Bonus - Only on HappyBet!

Get up to 150€ Bonus for your first 3 deposits

How it works

1. Register now and make your first Einzahlung.


2. Get in contact with our support to get your activation code

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3. Redeem your code on your account and our support will book your bonus



The top bonus applies exclusively to your first 3 deposit up to a total amount of 150 Euro. The bonus is subject to the following conditions:

The bonus credit has to be 6 times converted to a min odd of at least 2.0 within 30 days

The activation code must be collected from our support team within 24 hours after the deposit.

To enable a payout of your winnings, you need to make sure the conditions for your received bonuses are fulfilled. A partial payout is not possible. The bonus amount multiplied by turnover will be blocked on your real money account (please see My Account/Bookings for details) and only be released If the terms of the bonus have been fulfilled and your deposit amount has been converted once. The deposited real amount has to be additionally staked once. Once HappyBet has credited a bonus to your account, the bonus cannot be removed upon your request. In case of failure to comply with any of the above conditions, HappyBet may cancel the bonus and the resulting profits later.

Each player may only create an account. Customers who use more than one account will be credited just once. Each customer, the multiple registrations are detected, all bonuses and profits from all accounts from it can be canceled again. The HappyBet bonus is available exclusively for the accounts of recreational players. Professional players, player pools and player communities is no bonus offered.

It is not allowed to place multiple bets on an event or to make the same bet several times.

Should arise the suspicion that is violating a condition of this offer or customers placing bets that guarantee a profit due to a deposit bonus, free bets, improved winning payments or any other promotional offer, regardless of the outcome, HappyBet reserves the right to correct bets placed or to cancel, refuse demanded payouts and close accounts.

This offer is just for german users. Users from switzerland and austria and Malta get a 100% bonus up to 100€ for their first deposit.

HappyBet reserves the right to change the nature and the duration of the offer at any time or to withdraw. It applies the Therms and conditions.


HAPPY10 - the HappyBet bonus for our faithful customers

• place a bet with a minimum odd of 3.0

• Get a 25% bonus on every 10th bet. 25 % of the average bet from the previous 10 bets.

o For example: you place a bet with 20€ for ten times , with a minimum odd of 3.0 - after the 10th bet you will get 5€ as an free bet to your account.

• This offer is valid up to 5 times you can get the bonus for the 10th , 20th , 30th , 40th and 50th bet. These free bets are not bound to sales. (Turnover: 0)

Every Bonus offer is connected to a certain turnover, which can be found in the bonus conditions. The corresponding amount will be blocked on the players account. If a player has a blocked amount, requested payouts will not be carried out.

Jetzt Wetten


This HappyBet10 offer is valid for one player up to 5 times. You can get the bonus for the 10th , 20th , 30th , 40th and 50th bet . The respectively previous 10 bets must have a minimum odd of 3.0 . You get the 25% of the average of these 10 bets automatically as a free bet.

Conditions of these free bets:

• minimum odd of : 2.0

• The respective free bets are not bound to sales(Turnover: 0)

•The free bets are valid for 14 days since redemption.

The free bets are bound to a minimum odd of 2.0 and not bound to any sales(Turnover : 0). As soon as you get a HappyBet10 free bet you can not cancel it anymore. HappyBet has the discretion to paying out the profits of the free bet. If you place a bet through your free bet an win , you will get the net profit to your account. If you fail to comply any of the listed conditions above , HappyBet can negate your HappyBet10 free bet and every profits from that. This is also afterwards possible.

Customers which have more than one account can not get a HappyBet 10free bet. If we detected multiple registrations , HappyBet will negate every bonus and every profits from all accounts. The free bet is exclusive for amateurs. Proffessional players , player cartells and bet communities do not get a HappyBet10 free bet.

If there is any suspension , somebody fail to comply any of these conditions , or if customers place a bet , in which it is possible to get profit due to deposit bonus , free bets , wrong betting odds , or different promotions , independent from the betting results , HappyBet is allowed to correct or cancel placed bets and close accounts or decline requested withdraws.

The HappyBet10 bonus is valid until revocation. HappyBet reserves the right to change the kind and duration from the offer at any time , or cancel it at all. You agree to our general Terms & Conditions.

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