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Before participating in ‘World of Sportsbetting Limited’ (in the following jointly referred to as the “WoS”), please carefully and thoroughly read the rules that govern the use of the offer, as well as these General Terms and Conditions (in the following referred to as the “Conditions”). Acceptance of the rules and the Conditions is an essential requirement for use.

1. Provider
World of Sportsbetting Limited is a company established under the laws of Malta with its registered office at Investor House, Triq il-Fikus, San Gwann SGN 2461, Malta. It was registered on 6th March 2012 under registration number C55188.
By virtue of Remote Gaming License MGA/CL2/1125/2015, issued by the Malta Gaming Authority on the 15th October 2015, World of Sportsbetting is authorised to offer, accept and arrange bets worldwide on all events with an undecided outcome.
WoS is subject to betting tax and other taxes in Malta and is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, the regulatory body responsible for the governance of all gaming activities in Malta.
WoS offers the closing and arranging of bets on the occasion of sports events (in the following “sports bets”) for its customers, which shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions.

2. Scope
2.1 These Conditions shall apply exclusively. They apply for all present and future business relations between the customer and WoS via the website, even if they are not expressly agreed again.
2.2 The Conditions valid at the time of acceptance of the sports bet by WoS shall apply for each concluded sports bet. WoS reserves the right to modify the Conditions at any time. WOS will inform in an appropriate form about significant changes of these Terms and Conditions (e.g. through a visible remark on the website) and players have to accept the updated version. Changes regarding the use of the site and the services will come into force after its announcement. If you do not want to accept the new Conditions, you have to stop using the website, the gaming platform and the services and you also have to close your account. The further usage of the web page and services after the date that these terms and conditions were changed, will apply as confirmation of your agreement to be committed to the new Terms and Conditions.

3. Application / Registration
3.1 You have to be at least 18 years old or must have reached the minimum age to participate in gambling at your place of residence, whereby the higher age is authoritatively, in order to use this offer. You must provide proof of age. WoS reserves the right to limit or refuse access, in case there is a reason to believe that the player is under 18 years, the minimum age of the player’s residence to participate in gaming has not been reached or if WoS is not able to proof the name, age, address or other information of the player.

3.2 In order to use the WoS website, players need to register personally. Players must submit the correct information, inclusive of name, surname, address, email and telephone number during the registration process.
3.3 WoS needs information to meet legislations and requirements regarding money laundering and fighting terrorism and also to check identity, name, age and address. These include, among other things, copies (including certified copies) of passport/ID card, as well as a sufficient proof of address (utility bill or bank statement) whereby WoS can request these documents, at any time. In case you will not provide WoS with the requested documents your account might get banned or closed. WoS reserves the right, to contact third parties for the purpose of determination of identity and also for the purpose of fighting against money laundering and terrorist financing. You will receive a login code and a password for your account. To avoid cases of fraud, you have to keep your login data as a secret and you can not share this information with third parties or other people. You have to inform WoS immediately and change your login data if you know or you assume that third parties know your login data, your personal related data was stolen or accessed otherwise without your permission. WoS can request to change your login data or close your account, if there is a reason to believe, that there is a security breach and/ or abuse of the gaming platform. You can not allow another person or third party, access to your account. You alone are in charge for each usage of the gaming platform and the services through your login data. As far as it is no negligence, each unauthorised use of your login code and password is your responsibility and counts as a usage through you. Therefore, you will be liable for each suchlike unauthorised usage and will not receive any bonus for any losses caused to your account independent on whether the particular third has your authorisation or not. There is no chance that WoS will take on liability for the unauthorised usage or by losing login data.
3.4 The registration will only be granted, if the player is presenting a document that is issued to his/her name. Changes of data have to be communicated immediately through an update of the account information.
3.5 With the registration and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, the player declares and assures that
• he/she has reached the legal minimum age to participate sports betting in his/her particular country and that he/she is fully competent;
• the conclusion of sport bets will not be prohibited after the relevant legal legislations;
• the funds that he/she uses to place the bets are at the free disposal and do not originate from illegal actions;
• he/she deals exclusively on one’s own account;
• he/she does not know the outcome of the each effected sporting event.
3.6 The player can be excluded from the website, if he/she provides WoS with the wrong information, if the player commits fraud or attempts fraud or violates the Terms and Conditions in any way. This includes the cancelation and registration.
3.7 If the account will not be used for sports betting, deposit or withdrawal or another transaction or if it is inactive otherwise within a period of 365 days, the account will be classified as inactive. An inactive account will be charged a monthly administrative fee of 4.50 €. You will be informed at least 30 days prior of the charging of fees from your account. Refunds of the administration fee might be considered by WoS in line with MGA Directive 1 of 2011. WoS reserves the right to close inactive accounts and to transfer the balance to the most recent bank account.
If an account remains inactive for a period of 30 months or more, WoS is obliged to report such accounts to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority, in accordance with the Remote Gaming Regulations. If WoS is unable to refund the funds to the player, we will transfer any outstanding balances to the care of the MGA.
3.8 WoS has the right to close the account immediately and without notice, if there was a violation against obligations, regarding to these Terms and Conditions.
3.9 The expiration or termination of the account does not have any influence on the;
a) Rights, obligations and/or liabilities, which arised before the date of expiration of termination; or
b) Rights, obligations and/or liabilities, where the continuation was explicitly agreed on even after the expiration or termination.
3.10 WoS reserves the right to deny the account opening without any given reasons.
3.11 WoS has the right to finish the business relationship with a customer without any given reasons and/or ban the player totally or partially for placing bets, but contractual obligations already made will be honored.
3.12 Players can only have one account with WoS.
3.13 It is prohibited to sell or transfer accounts to other players. It is prohibited to transfer funds between players.
3.14 Players can close their account at any time by sending an email to [email protected]
3.15 WOS is committed to responsible gaming. Through the Self Limits tab, players are given the facility to limit their stakes, deposits and losses. Players can also set definite or indefinite exclusions by contacting customer support. Any limits set take place immediately. Players who are removing or decreasing a limitation have a cooling-off period of 7 days.

4. Pay in/Pay out
4.1. All payments (Pay in/Pay out) can solely be made in Euro. Payments can be made via the methods available in the payments page. Limits and charges are also listed in the payments page.
4.2 In order to place a bet, you have to deposit money on your account (”Deposit“). The money will be credited to your account after the actual reception of your deposit. Deposits, together with your legal winnings (“Balance“) will be managed on trust by WoS on your account. “Legal winnings“, are winnings that were achieved in a fair way according to these Terms and Conditions and without any reasonable objections, less (a) profit shares or commissions; (b) other transactions or other fees for the use of the offer. WoS is not a bank or a financial institution and no interest rates are paid on funds in your account. Funds deposited with WOS should only be used for the placing of bets. Legal winnings will only be credited, when all necessary information is present.
4.3 You are responsible for the review of your due winnings. You have to inform WoS ([email protected]) immediately, if you assume that there were any mistakes made.
4.4 Withdrawals (all or partially) can only be processed in the same method and the same currency as the deposit was made to your account.
4.5 WoS can refuse deposits to your account. You acknowledge that it can take up to five days, for deposits with credit-/debit cards or E-wallet providers, until the deposit will be available on your account.
4.6 All transactions made with WoS might be checked for possible money laundering activity. Any suspicious activity on an account could lead to the player being reported to the relevant authorities and freezing of the funds and could also lead to the closure of the account and confiscation of the funds.
4.7 Whenever possible withdrawals are always transferred to the same account used to deposit.
4.8 The player acknowledges that WoS may only entertain withdrawal requests once it is satisfied about the player’s identity.
4.9 The player hereby also acknowledges that it is a legal requirement for WoS to verify the identity of players requesting cumulative withdrawals that exceed €2300.
4.10 In case of blocked/closed/excluded accounts or if the player cannot log into his account for any reason, the player can contact WoS on [email protected] to recover his funds.

5. Conclusion of sports bets
5.1 Basic information
It might be possible, that there are special legislations in your country, on your residence or at the place where you access the web site and gaming platform that forbid the participation on sports betting. Before you open a player account and/or use the gaming platform or services, it is your responsibility to ensure that the regional or national legislations will be fulfilled. It is recommended to receive some legal advice before opening an account to make sure that the usage will not violate the legislations, which are applicable to you. You agree, not to use the offer on a different place, where the participation on sports betting is prohibited. Also you agree, that you will not use the offer at any time if you are a citizen of a country where it is forbidden to participate on sports betting (regardless of the location of the citizen). Without prejudice, there will be no betting accepted from the United States of America and from Estonia; you therefore agree, that you do not live in any of those countries and you do not use the offer during your stay.

5.2 Conclusion of contract
5.2.1 The sports bets are concluded between WoS and the relevant customer.
5.2.2 Each sports bet is accepted, held and concluded exclusively in Malta.
5.2.3 Offers for making a sports bet may be submitted until the relevant betting deadline, subject to a sufficient credit balance on the betting account. The betting deadline is always the start of the event being the basis of the bet, and in case of sports bets for several events, the start of the event that starts first is decisive.
5.2.4 WoS may fully or partly refuse to accept sports bets without giving reasons. Acceptance can be refused in particular if the event has been cancelled or postponed, the customer or the betting offer infringe these Conditions or the betting regulations.
5.2.5 The bet is concluded as soon as the bet is received on the WoS servers and WoS accepts the stake. This is done by displaying the bet under the item “My bets” in the navigation bar.
5.2.6 The sports bet is considered as concluded with the content (stake, odds, etc.) which is displayed under “My bets”. After acceptance by WoS, any change, revocation or withdrawal is impossible.
5.3 Minimum stake, limits and fees
5.3.1 The minimum stake for each bet amounts to Euro 1.00.
5.3.2 The minimum stake for a system bet amounts to Euro 0.25.
5.3.3 The winnings limits amount to
for each sports bet €Euro 12,500.00
per day (00.00 until 24.00) €Euro 50,000.00
per week (Monday, 00.00 until Sunday, 24.00) €Euro 100,000.00
5.3.4 In individual cases, WoS may set deviating limits on the website.
5.3.5 The customer is not entitled to claim the credit of winnings exceeding the set limits. The amount exceeding any limit will be forfeited. Liability for the lost winnings is excluded.
5.3.6 The arising betting tax for sports betting which is 5% of the par value of the betting slips or rather of the stake will be charged for German customers
5.3.7 WoS reserves the right to terminate events and markets at any time.
5.4 Other arrangements, declarations and prohibitions
5.4.1 Upon making the bet, the customer acknowledges the Conditions in their currently valid version.
5.4.2 The customer declares that at the time of making a sports bet he/she does not know the outcome of an event, and that he/she is not aware of any agreements or other manipulations of the outcome.
5.4.3 The customer declares that he/she acts on his/her own behalf and for his/her own account, and that he/she is not prohibited by law to make sports bets.
5.4.4 If after acceptance of the sports bet by WoS it should emerge that the event concerned cannot be definitely evaluated, WoS is entitled to declare the bet void.
5.4.5 The making of so-called “organised bets” is prohibited.
5.4.6 Employees of WoS are excluded from participating in sports bets. The making of sports bets on behalf of bookmakers or betting brokers is prohibited.
5.4.7 Customers are not allowed to bet on an event in which they are involved themselves in the broadest sense, be it as participant, referee, consultant, trainer, person in charge, owner, etc., or to bet on behalf of a person involved.
5.4.8 Sports bets made or accepted after the start of the event are invalid for whatever reason, in particular in case of technical difficulties or if the event is brought forward in time. They are also invalid in case that information emerges until the start of the event which may influence the outcome.
5.4.9 In case of violation of any provision of section 5.3 of these Conditions, the sports bets concerned may be declared void.
5.5 Evaluation
5.5.1 The result published by the jury (competent official sports associations) on the same day – if possible – until midnight (local time at the venue) after the end of the event shall be valid. Any subsequent modification of the result/ranking, f. ex. by sports courts, etc. does not affect the evaluation of the sports bet. Liability for faulty publications is excluded.
5.5.2 Unless specified otherwise on the website, the result of the regular playing time is decisive (without extra time, etc.).
5.5.3 The winnings are determined by multiplication of the stake with the winnings margin. They are credited to the betting account.
5.5.4 Break-off, interruption, relocation, failure to attend, abandonment, annulment, wrong decisions, objections, etc. are regulated in the gaming conditions and other betting regulations.
5.5.5 WoS reserves the right to correct any obvious mistakes (incorrect results, fixtures, odds, account movements, calculations, etc.) at any time, or to declare the bets void. Liability for any losses resulting from such mistakes is excluded.
5.5.6 If it is suspected that the outcome of the event has been influenced in an illegal or unfair manner, WoS shall be authorised to refuse the evaluation, crediting and paying out of winnings until full clarification.
5.6 Invalid bets / complaints
5.6.1 If any bet is invalid or declared void, it is rated at odds of 1.00. In case of individual bets, the customer will be credited the stake for this bet to his/her betting account. In case of multi bets, the invalid or void bet has been won with odds of 1.00 so that the combined odds for the multi bet are calculated without the odds for the invalid/void bet. In this case, the stake will not be credited to the betting account.
5.6.2 The customer is obligated to check the evaluation of the sports bets immediately under “My bets” in the navigation bar, and to notify mistakes within 2 weeks to [email protected] Complaints received by WoS later than 2 weeks after publication of the evaluation of the sports bet on the Website cannot be considered. In case of notifications not made in due form, the evaluation is considered as accepted.
5.6.3 The customer is obligated to inform WoS immediately on any wrong entries and faulty evaluations in his/her favour, and not to dispose of the unjustified credit balance.
5.6.4 World of Sportsbetting is operating under a license of the MGA. In case the customer is unsatisfied with the way his complaint was handled, he is entitled to escalate the complaint to the MGA by sending an email to [email protected]

6. Right of use
6.1 The website, software and all images, pictures, graphics, animations, videos, music-, audio- and textual content and live feeds, as well as all other rights on intellectual property and in connection with the web page and software are and shall remain the exclusive property of WOS or the exclusive property of the licensor, which are protected by legislations for the safety of the intellectual property such as copyright law and cannot be duplicated without prior written permission. They are not only authorised for the usage of trademarks, trade names or similar labels that are used on the gaming platform. All rights in connection with this are only property of WoS or of the licensor.
6.2 It is prohibited to decode, trace back, dismantle, decompile all or part of the software, as well as translate and convert the software. It is also prohibited to translate, convert, to transfer, lend, lease, give away, rent-out or to sub-license the software in any other way. Also, it is absolutely forbidden to do one of the previous mentioned actions on copies, adjustments, transcriptions or joined parts of the software. To the previous mentioned actions counts among others each form of denting, hacking, attacks, manipulation or damaging the web site or the software.

7. Error correction / Exclusion of liability / Setoff
7.1 World of Sportsbetting reserves the right to correct apparent mistakes (incorrect results, fixtures, odds, account movements, calculations, etc.) at any time or to declare the bets void. Liability for any losses resulting from such mistakes is excluded.
7.2 Claims of the customer for damages are excluded, with the exception of claims for damages by the customer resulting from the injury of life, body or health or from the violation of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations), as well as liability for other damages resulting from an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by World of Sportsbetting, its legal representatives or vicarious agents. Essential contractual obligations are those obligations which must be met in order to reach the objective of the contract.
7.3 In case of violation of essential contractual obligations, World of Sportsbetting shall be liable for the foreseeable loss typical for the contract only if such loss has been caused by simple negligence, unless the customer’s claims for damages result from an injury of life, body or health.
7.4 The restrictions of sections 7.2 and 7.3 shall apply also for the benefit of the legal representatives and vicarious agents of World of Sportsbetting, if claims are asserted directly against them.
7.5 The customer is only entitled to set off claims of World of Sportsbetting if the customer’s claims have been established as final and absolute or have been expressly acknowledged.

8. Applicable law / Legal venue
8.1 The legal relationships between World of Sportsbetting and the customer are subject to Maltease law – to the legally permissible extent – with the exclusion of the conflict of law rules. Place of performance and delivery for all obligations between World of Sportsbetting and the customer shall be the place of World of Sportsbettings registered office.
8.2 The legal venue for all disputes between World of Sportbetting and the customer shall be Malta to the legally permissible extent.

9. Prevailing Language
9.1 These Terms and Conditions and Betting Rules might be published in different languages. In the case of any dispute between the English language version of the Terms and Conditions and Betting Rules as well as any other text on the website, and versions in other languages, the English language version shall prevail.

This version of the General Terms and Conditions & Gaming Conditions & other Betting Regulations takes effect on 1st June 2017. (All previous versions of the World of Sportsbetting General Terms and Conditions are no longer valid).

Version No.: 1.4

Date: 9th September 2015

Q Gaming Conditions



Special rules and regulations exist for certain sports and betting markets. As a consequence, the customer must first of all observe the specific rules of the sports. These specific rules have priority over the general rules. The sports which are not listed are always governed by the general rules and regulations.

1. Evaluation of the bet outcome is subject to the following rules:
a) The results announced after the end of the betting event are decisive.
b) For football games, the result after the regular playing time without extra time, without penalty shootout, without golden goal are decisive (except special bets offered, which are marked accordingly).
c) For ice hockey games, the result after the regular playing time without extra time or overtime and without penalty shots is decisive (except special bets offered, which are marked accordingly).
d) For basketball games, usually the result considering a possible overtime is decisive. Deviating from this, for particularly marked events, a result may be rated as tie after the end of the regular playing time. In this case, this is pointed out prior to the beginning of the event, and a third (X) odd is offered.
e) For baseball games, the result considering possible “extra innings” is decisive.
f) In each case, such person or team who is declared winner by the jury (competent official sports association) if possible on the day of the betting event until midnight (local time at the venue) is considered as the winner of a betting event. This also applies for long-term bets. Modifications of the result/ranking made for whatever reason after this do not affect the payout of winnings.
g) If due to the “point spreads” there is no winner (f. ex. if a team wins with a score of -5 i.e. has a margin of 5), the bet is rated at odds of 1.00.
h) If the betting event takes place in accordance with the present conditions, and if a participant or a team does not attend this event, the betting contract remains valid (“play or pay”); that means that a bet made on a non-participant or a non-participating team is considered as lost for the customer.

2. In the cases listed below, the bet is invalid and/or the betting contract is considered as subsequently annulled by common consent, with the result that the stake is to be refunded to the customer:
a) The bet is made only after the actual start of one or several betting events.
b) If the event does not take place as indicated in the schedule. This also applies for events which have been erroneously listed wrong in the betting schedule (mix-up of venue), but not in case of a possible waiver of the home field right, in case that the field of the home team is closed, or if the event is held at a neutral venue.
c) If the event is not held in compliance with the betting regulations.
d) If a betting event is called off or does not take place, and has not restarted until the end of the next but one calendar day.
e) If a betting event is ended without official scoring and has not restarted until the end of the next but one calendar day. Excluded are football and ice hockey games which are discontinued after the regular playing time.

3. If a tennis match is called off due to the injury or indisposition of a participant, the bets are considered as cancelled and are rated at odds of 1.00.
Bets on interrupted tennis matches (caused by the weather) remain valid, provided that the match is played in the course of the tournament. If a tennis match is decided by abandonment or disqualification, this event is rated at odds of 1.00.

4. Bets on baseball games are considered as cancelled and are rated at odds of 1.00 if the game does not take place on the day when it was originally scheduled and is not held within 12 hours after the original start time.

5. If an event is broken off and still officially scored, the bet will be valid (except tennis, see above).

6. If the event is broken off before the end of the officially scheduled playing time, the following events are considered as officially rated:
a) Basketball (playing time 4 x 12 minutes, NBA): after expiry of a minimum of 43 minutes of the play.
b) Basketball (playing time 4 x 10 minutes, College Basketball, Euroleague, European leagues): after expiry of a minimum of 35 minutes of the play.
c) American Football und College Football: after expiry of a minimum of 55 minutes of the play.
d) Baseball: after a minimum of 5 played innings, and/or after a minimum of 4 1/2 played innings if the home team is in the lead.
e) Bets on Baseball “total runs” and baseball handicap are rated as official if a minimum of 9 innings have been played or 8 1/2 innings, if the home team is in the lead. Otherwise such bets are considered as cancelled. The result after the last full inning is always decisive, except if the home team ties the score or takes the lead in the second half of an inning. In this case, the result directly at the time of break-off is decisive.

7. The following shall apply for multiple bets and single bets:
If one or several betting events are cancelled, broken off or do not take place for any other reason, this/these event(s) is/are rated at odds of 1.00. If all events are cancelled, broken off (without rating), or do not take place for any other reason, the betting contract is annulled with retrospective effect and the stake is refunded. This shall also apply for events which have erroneously been listed wrong in the betting schedule (mix-up of venue), but not in case of a possible waver of the home field right, in case that the field of the home team is closed, or if the event is held at a neutral venue.

8. For “head to head” bets, both starters must participate in the event. If one or both starters do not participate in the event, the bet is considered as cancelled. For “head to head” bets in the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the driver who has achieved the better ranking after the end of the race is considered as the winner of the betting event. In case of early dropout of both drivers, the driver who has completed more rounds is considered as the winner of the betting event. In case of early dropout of both drivers in the same round, the driver who had the better ranking after the last driven full round is considered as the winner of the betting event.

9. As a basic principle, the ad-hoc decisions of the referee and/or the jury at the time of the event taking place and/or its termination shall always apply. All subsequent “armchair” decisions or decisions based on other statutes and procedures do not affect the rating of the betting event. If more than one winner should be determined for a betting event (dead heat), the respective hit rates will be divided accordingly by the number of winners of the betting event.


Supplementary betting regulations for live bets (World of Sportsbetting)

The following provisions apply in addition to the General Betting Regulations for the offered live bets.
1. Live bets are offered during an event in addition to the existing sports betting schedule. The odds are updated in accordance with the course of the game.

2. If a game display and/or the time are shown in a live bet, these only serve for orientation purposes with regard to the approximate progress of the game. For technical reasons, this display is not always consistent with the exact, official start or playing time. The actual score at the time when the bet is made is always decisive.

3. If a live bet becomes invalid according to these betting regulations for live bets, it will be rated at odds of 1.00 and will be refunded.

4. Each live bet received after occurrence of its result is invalid. For this purpose, the actual time of the event is decisive, regardless of any displays or betting slip receipts.

5. If necessary, World of Sportsbetting will offer repurchase of a live bet made. The repurchase value is variable. World of Sportsbetting is not obligated to repurchase a live bet.

6. Accepted bets: Valid bets which have been placed and accepted in due time – apart from the cases specified in these Conditions for live bets – cannot be cancelled or modified. Prior to making a bet, the customer shall assure himself/herself on the correctness of his/her bet (odds, stake, etc.). As a consequence, the customer is solely responsible for making sure that all details of his/her bet are correct.

7. Mistakes: No liability is assumed for input data errors, transmission errors and/or evaluation errors. World of Sportsbetting particularly reserves the right to correct apparent mistakes in the odds entered, results and/or the evaluation of betting events (such as mixing-up of odds, teams, events) also afterwards and to declare the bets affected void. Only the amount stored in the system shall be considered as the betting stake.

8. Concluded bets: All live bets that have been actually concluded and correctly rated (i.e. the result is already determined) are valid and will be rated, irrespective of a possible subsequent break off of the event/tournament at any time (Please also refer to the section “Mistakes”).

9. Results: Live bets are rated according to the results which are established directly after conclusion of the bet. Subsequent modifications (such as events decided by a jury after the game) do not affect the rating of the offered live bet. All results are taken from the official statistics of the relevant leagues and are additionally based on TV recordings of live plays. If the findings of World of Sportsbetting from the TV recordings should deviate from the official statistics, live bets will be rated according to World of Sportsbetting ’s own statistics based on the actual course of the play. Unless stated otherwise, all bets on “non-participants” are invalid in case of live bets. If a win bet, a total score bet or a handicap bet ends in a tie, and if no odds were offered for these options, all associated bets are invalid.

10. Rules: Live bets are subject to special rules in case of break-off of the game (see section 11 below) with regard to the rating of their application. Exceptions are those bets that are decided prior to the actual interruption, which are validated.

11. Game interruption / Game break-off: If a game for which a live bet is offered is interrupted but is resumed up to and including midnight of the next day (local time) at the original venue, all undecided bets for this game will remain valid. If, however, the game is broken off, or an interrupted game is not resumed until the above-mentioned deadline, all undecided live bets are invalidated.

Special rules

In addition to and – if necessary – deviating from the general conditions for live bets above, individual sports/betting markets are subject to special rules which are quoted below.

1. Special rules for football – Unless stated otherwise, the betting markets refer to the regular playing time. Live bets on the outcome of part of the game are valid if this part is regularly ended. Only the result of the concerned part of the game shall count.

2. Special rules for tennis – Abandonment and/or disqualification of a player: All live bets which have already been concluded at the time of the abandonment/disqualification will be valid. Any bets which have not been concluded yet will be invalidated. Live bets may be offered f. ex. on game, set, match. The live bet on the relevant event must be regularly completed for the live bet to be valid. If a tennis match is interrupted or postponed, any live bets not concluded yet will remain valid within the framework of the tournament until the match has been played or regularly ended.

3. Special rules for handball – Unless stated otherwise, the betting markets refer to the regular playing time. Live bets on the outcome of part of the game are valid if this part is regularly ended. Only the result of the concerned part of the game shall count.

4. Special rules for volleyball – Unless stated otherwise, the betting markets refer to the regularly required number of sets. Live bets on winning a set: This type of bet refers to the winner of a particular set. The set must have been regularly ended for the bets to remain valid.

5. Special rules for basketball – All betting markets include a possible overtime. Live bets on the outcome of part of the game are valid if this part is regularly ended. Only the result of the concerned part of the game shall count.

6. Special rules for ice hockey – Unless stated otherwise, the betting markets refer to the regular playing time. Live bets on the outcome of part of the game are valid if this part is regularly ended. Only the result of the concerned part of the game shall count.
This version of the General Terms and Conditions & Gaming Conditions & other Betting Regulations takes effect on 1st June 2017. (All previous versions of the World of Sportsbetting General Terms and Conditions are no longer valid).

Version No.: 1.4

Date: 9th September 2015


Q Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. The customer agrees that his personal data provided in connection with placing bets, may be stored and processed within the normal betting operations.
  2. World of Sportsbetting Limited has notified the Commissioner for Data Protection that it is processing personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act, 2001 of the Laws of Malta.
  3. World of Sportsbetting Limited will only process the customer’s personal data for the purposes for which it collected it, namely to provide the customer with an online betting service.
  4. The customer’s personal data will be only shared with those employees of World of Sportsbetting Limited who need the personal data and information for their work.
  5. World of Sportsbetting Limited does not share the customer’s data with any other third parties; however, at times World of Sportsbetting Limited may be required by law or legal process to disclose personal information. World of Sportsbetting Limited may also disclose information about the customer if it believes that disclosure is necessary for the public interest.
  6. The customer has a right to access his/her data and request it to be changed at no cost. A full deletion of the data is not possible according to the Remote Gaming Regulations in conjunction with Art. 30 EU directive 2005/60/EC.
  7. The customer also has a right to stop receiving marketing information. Please contact customer support if you would like to stop receiving marketing information. Customers may activate and deactivate the receipt of marketing material personally in the respective section under “ Our Service/Your account”.

Q Cookies


Our website uses cookies to track visitors to our website. Any visitor to the World of Sportsbetting Limited website will receive a cookie on their computer. This is a harmless packet which is used for web analytics purposes only.
A session cookie is used for the system to be able to track them through the website.

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For combi bets all tips must be correct to win the bet resulting in a lower probability to win, but in higher possible gain.
If won, the max. gain is {possibleGain}.
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A system bet is won, even if not all tips are correct, a bank-tip must always be correct, otherwise the bet is lost.
If all {rows} bets are won the possible gain will be {possibleGain}.
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System bets
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